Sidney runs the 5k

Every year Sidney’s school has a 5k run to raise money. We do it every year, usually she and I run ahead of the family. Well, jog a little and walk a lot would be a better description. I usually suggest we run to the next mailbox or the next stop sign.

This year she was bummed because she said the other family members would slow us down and she wanted to run. And by run I thought she meant what we did every year. So I told her to take off running and I’d catch up no problem. At the 2 mile mark I finally caught her at the the water station. I asked her if she wanted to wait so we could run together and she said “I think you’re too old to run with my friends and me” (she’d been running with one of her friends and that friends mother). She ended running in about five minutes before me, I’m not sure she stopped to walk even once. She did awesome. I on the other hand need to train a little before next year.

All of the photos are courtesy of my dad.



  1. #1 by Jessica on May 19, 2010 - 9:00 am

    Wow, that’s great that she ran the whole way. Do we have a track star in our future?

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