Links 11/13/10

A quick note, my mother-in-law is creating one-of-a-kind handbags that would make great Christmas presents, and my parents are selling their home.  There are permanent links to this information the left and right side of the website if you read this through a RSS reader.  And now, on to the links.
  • The LDS Church came out in support of the Utah Compact which says we should show restraint in laws regarding illegal immigration and is in direct opposition to recent laws in Arizona.  It is also in opposition to a law being proposed in Utah.  It will be interesting to see how Conservative members of the church react to it.  It’s funny to hear the same people that supported Prop 8 in California now suggesting the Church should just butt out of politics.
  • How a not-so-great Xbox add-on became the best $150 this game reviewer spent.
  • A very good essay on the era of the Big Lie.  “If a black Republican president had come in, helped turn around the banking and auto industries (at a small profit!), insured millions through the private sector while cutting Medicare, overseen a sharp decline in illegal immigration, ramped up the war in Afghanistan, reinstituted pay-as-you go in the Congress, set up a debt commission to offer hard choices for future debt reduction, and seen private sector job growth outstrip the public sector’s in a slow but dogged recovery, somehow I don’t think that Republican would be regarded as a socialist.”
  • Foreskins removed from children are used in some high-end beauty creams.
  • A majority of Americans support the death penalty even though 81% believe innocent people have been put to death because of it.
  • Excellent point Socialist scumbag.
  • A S. Anderson asked in my last post of links where I get my Mormon links, so here’s a plethora.  Times and Seasons was started by four Mormons attorneys and covers a variety of subject including interviews with prominent Mormons.  By Common Consent includes some LDS historians and covers a wide range of topics, very interesting during political seasons because they cover a wide spectrum (If it scares you to read interesting historical facts about the LDS Church like Joseph Smith brewed and sold his own beer in Nauvoo, then BCC might be too much for you.  It’s full of historians that throw stuff like that around all the time, which I find fascinating).  Clobberblog is an Evangelical Christian who is married to a LDS man. Faith Promoting Rumor covers a nice variety, and includes a couple of political liberals that warm the cockles of me heart. Feminist Mormon Housewives which is pretty self-explanatory and includes a guest post by yours truly a couple of years ago.   Keep in mind that all of these sites are very much run by true believing Mormons.

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