Links 2/11/11

  • A new BYU study shows girls who played video games with a parent felt more connected to their families, had fewer mental health issues and fewer problems with aggressive behavior.
  • Opponents Second.  Brothers First.
  • In celebration of Ronnie’s 100th birthday. 5 myths of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency.
  • It’s not contagious
  • Before and after of a shot of Katy Perry for Rolling Stone.  I think what’s most annoying to me about it is they just couldn’t leave it alone.  She’s very attractive, and I can guarantee nobody would have noticed her legs being a little curvier, her boobs being 1/2 lower, or any of the other numerous changes they made.  Fix the light and the color of the photo and I think you have a  great cover.  I wonder how these people feel when they see the magazine and realize the time and money they spend to look good still wasn’t enough for some photo editor?


  1. #1 by Mom on February 11, 2011 - 1:12 pm

    I remember when Jamie Lee Curtis did a photo shoot with and without the photo adjustments. She wanted everyone to see how magazines doctor photos to create the image that isn’t reality. It was brave of her to do so, and very interesting.

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