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Fifty Dangerous Things 18

Baking Soda Bombs.

Your basic baking soda and vinegar combination used in millions of Elementary school classrooms, but this time in a sealed bag so the pressure builds.  The beginning of the movie is Wyatt trying to say “scientific” which he does every time I make them put the safety glasses on for dangerous stuff.

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Fifty Dangerous Things 7

Blind for an hour.

Either Sidney was cheating, or she has the best hearing of any person I know.  I was so convinced she was cheating that I added another dishtowel that went below her chin.  She was still fine getting around, so her senses must just be superior to mine.


Wyatt only lasted about ten minutes, but Sidney enjoyed the full time we set aside to do this one.  She ate dinner, played hide-and-seek with Wyatt, and took a stroll around the yard.   She felt around a little bit, but mostly just tried to make her way around by listening to what other people were doing.


Get the book and do something dangerous with your kids.

Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)

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Niece Number 2

Britnie and I had two nieces born within hours of each other back around Thanksgiving.  I put up some pictures of Jake and Lindsay’s daughter last month.  Jen and John’s daughter was sick for a few weeks so they were wisely keeping her quarantined.  Jen let me sneak upstairs last time we all got together to snap a couple of shots.  We’re happy anytime there are additions to the family, but Sidney’s especially happy when there are new girls.  She was feeling a little outnumbered those first few years.


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